The Board

The Neilson Store Museum and Cultural Centre is owned by Loyalist Township and operated by a Museum Board:

Board of Directors – 2022-2023
Last Name First Name Address Phone  E-Mail Role/Committee  Start
Bennick  Anders 8875 South Shore Road 613-389-0636 President & Chair  2012
Burnett  Bruce 4615 South Shore Road 613-634-6696 Bldg. & Maint.  2002
Large  Peter 9820 Front Road 613-384-7925  2022
Kilpatrick  Warren 850 Third Concession 613-634-7869  2018
Miller  Karen 3600 South Shore Road  613-389-1080  2018
Scott  Janet 350 Third Concession 613-389-4608 Vice-President  2017
Sylvester  Thomas 3000 South Shore Road 613-389-1320  2017
Viscount  Isla 14375 Front Road 905-396-2387 2022
*Cross  Andrea 4615 South Shore Road 613-634-6696
*non-Director, but important to the organization

The Neilson Store Museum and Cultural Centre, established by local volunteers, is a non-profit, charitable organization, serving the citizens of Amherst Island, Loyalist Township and the Greater Kingston Region.  The Museum’s mission is to acquire, preserve and make accessible historical artifacts, and documents pertaining to the history of the area in a historical building refurbished by volunteers.

The Neilson Store Museum and Cultural Centre was established because both old and new Island families had been concerned for some time about the ongoing loss of Amherst Island memorabilia & artifacts.  The Museum is a non-profit incorporated organization with over 100 members. Since 1994 we have worked to restore and conserve the building’s historic structure, including the interior character. The second storey has been rehabilitated to store artifacts and the entire building is now insulated and heated. The back section has been refurbished into a meeting room. This room is used for the weekly Internet Café, monthly board meetings, workshops, training sessions, guest speaker series, tours (including school) and community uses. The museum alone has an average of 1,200 visitors from the end of May to October. The monthly backroom talks have an average of 25-30 participants. The Museum and Cultural Centre has become an important site for all islanders, local residents, school children, and visitors.  The Weasel and Easel rents space in the Museum and is a separate and distinct entity.